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3 rows where country_long = "Taiwan" and primary_fuel = "Nuclear" sorted by generation_gwh_2016

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  • Nuclear · 3


  • Taiwan · 3


Link rowid country country_long name gppd_idnr capacity_mw latitude longitude primary_fuel other_fuel1 other_fuel2 other_fuel3 commissioning_year owner source url geolocation_source wepp_id year_of_capacity_data generation_gwh_2013 generation_gwh_2014 generation_gwh_2015 generation_gwh_2016 ▼ generation_gwh_2017 generation_data_source estimated_generation_gwh
21397 TWN Taiwan Chinshan WRI1000378 1272.0 25.2861 121.5874 Nuclear           IAEA GEODB                 10341.15995397008
21411 TWN Taiwan Kuosheng WRI1000379 2040.0 25.2025 121.6629 Nuclear           IAEA GEODB 1030807               16584.87917146145
21414 TWN Taiwan Maanshan WRI1000380 1902.0 21.9589 120.7501 Nuclear           IAEA GEODB 1030815               15462.960874568467

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CREATE TABLE "global-power-plants" (
"country" TEXT,
  "country_long" TEXT,
  "name" TEXT,
  "gppd_idnr" TEXT,
  "capacity_mw" REAL,
  "latitude" REAL,
  "longitude" REAL,
  "primary_fuel" TEXT,
  "other_fuel1" TEXT,
  "other_fuel2" TEXT,
  "other_fuel3" TEXT,
  "commissioning_year" REAL,
  "owner" TEXT,
  "source" TEXT,
  "url" TEXT,
  "geolocation_source" TEXT,
  "wepp_id" TEXT,
  "year_of_capacity_data" INTEGER,
  "generation_gwh_2013" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2014" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2015" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2016" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2017" REAL,
  "generation_data_source" TEXT,
  "estimated_generation_gwh" REAL
CREATE INDEX ["global-power-plants_country_long"] ON [global-power-plants]("country_long");
CREATE INDEX ["global-power-plants_owner"] ON [global-power-plants]("owner");