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1 row where estimated_generation_gwh = "21262.29671520194", owner = "Korea Hydro and Nuclear" and primary_fuel = "Nuclear" sorted by generation_gwh_2016

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  • Nuclear · 1


  • Korea Hydro and Nuclear · 1


  • 21262.29671520194 · 1


Link rowid country country_long name gppd_idnr capacity_mw latitude longitude primary_fuel other_fuel1 other_fuel2 other_fuel3 commissioning_year owner source url geolocation_source wepp_id year_of_capacity_data generation_gwh_2013 generation_gwh_2014 generation_gwh_2015 generation_gwh_2016 ▼ generation_gwh_2017 generation_data_source estimated_generation_gwh
20072 KOR South Korea Kori WRI1000213 3137.0 35.3199 129.2948 Nuclear         Korea Hydro and Nuclear KHNP GEODB 1021160               21262.29671520194

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CREATE TABLE "global-power-plants" (
"country" TEXT,
  "country_long" TEXT,
  "name" TEXT,
  "gppd_idnr" TEXT,
  "capacity_mw" REAL,
  "latitude" REAL,
  "longitude" REAL,
  "primary_fuel" TEXT,
  "other_fuel1" TEXT,
  "other_fuel2" TEXT,
  "other_fuel3" TEXT,
  "commissioning_year" REAL,
  "owner" TEXT,
  "source" TEXT,
  "url" TEXT,
  "geolocation_source" TEXT,
  "wepp_id" TEXT,
  "year_of_capacity_data" INTEGER,
  "generation_gwh_2013" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2014" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2015" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2016" REAL,
  "generation_gwh_2017" REAL,
  "generation_data_source" TEXT,
  "estimated_generation_gwh" REAL
CREATE INDEX ["global-power-plants_country_long"] ON [global-power-plants]("country_long");
CREATE INDEX ["global-power-plants_owner"] ON [global-power-plants]("owner");